Is your Podiatrist not telling you things?

Like me you may have suffered many years of discomfort with searing pain just walking. Like me you went to your doctor and after pain killers not working and anti-inflammatories having little effect you went or were directed to a Physiotherapist if you were lucky or a podiatrist if you weren’t.

Many hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars later you are wearing shoes like these…!

The pain reduces and you reside to the fact that you must wear “ugly shoes” and you accept that you have a problem.

STOP that thought..

7 Things your Podiatrist is not telling you.

  1. Did anyone say that this satisfying is actually retaining the problem within?
  2. That regular and simple techniques can and will save you from years of expense on orthotics
  3. That regular use of the techniques will give you the best opportunity to rid yourself of “ugly shoes”
  4. That pain in the foot is often associated with other pains throughout the body
  5. Lower back pain can be attributed to the pain in the foot that has been masked from the use of the orthotics
  6. Pains in the calf are caused through the lack of the use of the techniques you will learn
  7. That flat shoes is the ultimate for having your body in its most natural and healthy state

But haven’t you been told that flat shoes are bad for your condition?

You need an arch to support your Plantar right ….? Not necessarily read on….

This really works and works quickly read on…..

How To Wear Flat Shoes despite your diagnosed ailments.

An interesting discovery emerged from our tests.

Persons diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitus…were improving and able to wear flat shoes with use of the technique in less than a few hours.

Even those with painful calf muscles experienced relief and in some circumstances these same techniques have helped reduce or eliminate lower back pain.

Going through the program step-by-step eradicated the ‘bad habits’ that we all do each day and learning the correct techniques for health and flexible movements of the Plantar. It’s the way to develop Olympic technique by using ‘feel’…rather than theory.

Here’s just some of the types of people who have had success with it:

Calf pain – No expensive coach needed, just follow the program step-by-step.
Plantar Fasciitis – The technique you’ll learn works in both Men and even quicker in Women there is no significant outlay easily to reduce the pain quickly and replace the comfy “ugly” shoes.
Lower Back PAIN – You can fit the TECHNIQUES around your daily routine and reduce or eliminate lower back pain.

‘I’ve-been-having pain and forced to wear these heavy and expensive shoes-for-10-years-and-will-never-be able to wear flat fashionable joggers. – Even if you think your condition will never change, prepare to get a shock!

Parents with young children - We’ve had many parents teach the program to their kids to develop a good technique early on.

Plus many others..!

Techniques no more strenous than these below…

Down Dog

Calf stretch









The video link below shows the capability of the bare human foot when trained in its natural capability.

The Tarahumara – what maybe possible!

There may be no reason for YOU to be straddled with this restriction to your long-term future health.

Click the link below and spend just 3 minutes watching the video. If you decide to take action today it will SAVE you $$$$ in treatments that you may never have even needed.

Discover How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis Using 5 Simple Steps From Home

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